Web Standards Audit

E-technical audit is performing the validation and implementation of the web page code for compliance with the standards and guidelines of the W3C

Web Access Audit

Service to carry out fully automated audit compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web Usability Audit

Usługa polegająca na przeprowadzeniu całkowicie zautomatyzowanego audytu użyteczności stron WWW

Audit your website and see what opportunities offers automated audits websites.Audit now!


eAudit - product innovation

The world technological progress causes changes in the form and ways of data transmission and storing. The importance of digital data carriers, which are capable of collecting great amounts of information in one place, is increasing. However, apart from many advantages of the common life digitization, some dangers, which have to be counteracted, arise. To ensure data security it is necessary to fulfill the ISO 27001 standard requirements.

Interview with a Layer – Paulina Sroka

The continuous growth in the Internet importance causes the growth of problems connected with data and information security...
Actually, as lawyers we can observe situations in which the matters connected with information security become subject of strife between corporations or private people.

Do you consider this a kind of pathology originating from the Internet?

More and more valuable information

The increasing amount of the accumulated and processed data makes the data security one of the key question for any organization. The data stored, belonging to a company are more and more often exposed to negative actions, for example they can be destroyed, counterfeited or stolen. That's why data security is not only a necessity due to legal regulations - it can become a source of competition supremacy.

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WAA rezlizuje audyty stron intenrtowych niezależnie od technologii w których zostały wykonane...


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